• Aeromodelling
  • Hobby Flying
  • Joy Rides
  • Petal & Pamphlet dropping
  • Paramotoring
  1. Aeromodelling  is the art of making and flying non man-carrying aircraft.
  2. Model aircraft can be anything from un-powered and uncontrolled, free-flight gliders, to multi engine radio controlled aircraft with wingspans of six or more feet.
  3. Building a free flight model from a kit, and progressing to more advanced models as their skills improve.
Aeromodelling sport
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  1. At FAA, we give wings to hobby flying! Flyers have always felt that being an aviatin hub, Hyderabad offers a better environment when it comes to hobby flying, compared to Bombay, Delhi or Chennai which not only has airspace congestion, but the concrete jungle offers little space for free flying!
  2. Ever wished you should fly, when you didn’t, in spite of having the license to fly? Come and fulfill your wish with our light aircraft.
  3. You can also acquire your Student Pilot License / Private Pilot License and then explore your passion to fly, under supervision of an experienced flier.
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  1. Now flying is not just for those who have a license to fly.
  2. Sit back and enjoy the ride in the skies while an experienced pilot will fly you around. It can be such a thrilling experience, when you feel like a bird in the sky!
  3. Take the ride with your family, or go on a romantic swing in the skies with your partner. Or just do it for some adventure and thrill.
  4. Now you can have birds view of Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
Joy Ride
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  1. Religious occasion when you want to honor the God – we will shower the temple with flowers
  2. We will drop pamphlets and brochures in any region for you. It could also be a seminar, a wedding, an open air party, an inaugural event.
  3. Keep a surprise in store for the people around. And let the skies bring the showers in the form of flowers!
petal droping
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1424510345_Flower dropping2
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  1. Paramotor is the generic name for the harness and propulsive portion of a powered paraglider (“PPG”). There are two basic types of paramotors: foot launch and wheel launch.  

  2. Foot launch models consist of a frame with harness, fuel tank, engine, and propeller. A hoop with protective netting primarily keeps lines out of the propeller. The unit is worn like a large backpack to which a Paraglider is attached through carabiners.

  3. Wheel launch units either come as complete units with their own motor, or as an add-on to a foot launch paramotor. They usually have 3 (trike) or 4 (quad) wheels, with seats for one or two occupants. These should not be confused with powered parachutes which are generally much heavier, more powerful, and have different steering.

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