AELP (Aviation English Language Proficiency)

Capt. Mamatha receiving the Organization Approval Certificate from Director General vide DGCA approval certificate AELP/2019/002 Dt.11th Dec 2019.


First aviation training academy in the country approved for AELP training and testing by DGCA.


Aviation Safety experts are constantly seeking to identify means of improving safety in order to reduce the already low global accident rates achieved so far. With mechanical failures featuring less prominently in aircraft accidents, more attention has been focused in recent years on human factors that contribute to accidents. Effective Communication in operational context is one human element that is receiving renewed attention. Today there is a responsibility to take steps to ensure that air traffic control personnel and flight crew involved in flight operations in airspace where use of English language is required are proficient in conducting and comprehending radio telephony communication in the English language.

Language proficiency is not merely knowledge of a set of grammar rules, vocabulary and ways of pronouncing sounds but a complex interaction of that knowledge with a number of skills and abilities in an aviation operational environment.

Flytech believes that successful delivery of the Aviation English Language Proficiency (AELP) training program depends on the combination of quality training materials, qualified trainers and motivated learners. And AELP testing is an outcome of professional expertise of the Test Rating Team.

Objective of AELP:

  1. Use of operationally relevant, work-related language
  2. Development of communicative language skills
  3. Coverage of all six ICAO Rating Scale and Holistic Descriptors skill areas
  4. Achievement of ICAO Operational Level 4 (minimum) in all six skill areas


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